Monday, December 12, 2011

A pat on the back

I was really thrilled today to finish sewing the binding on a quilt that has been on the go for about ten years, well maybe not ten, but at least nine years..  I kid you not.  I started these blocks while going to the Otane Patchwork group.

The block is called Windy City and a group of us did these using only two fabrics for the blocks.  The size of this quilt is a small single size.   It is incredible to think that these fabrics have not dated yet.... I  also did this block  many years ago for my husbands nephew Mike as a cot quilt. These days it sits over the back of a lounge chair in their house.

Now what am I going to do next.  Actually I have already started some stitching for another childs quilt, as well as the one for my youngest son and his wife.  Always pays to have Works in Progress.

I have been quite busy lately with making cards.  Last week a group I belong to met for Lunch at Rendevous in Palmerston North.  It was lovely to catch up with a group of like minded people.  I bought home a large collection of hand made cards.  So far all my christmas cards are handmade.

   I have also been minding my 3rd granddaughter quite a bit lately.  We have got lots of new ducklings and chickens which she enjoys going to feed.  I will post some more picture soon.

bye for now.