Monday, December 12, 2011

A pat on the back

I was really thrilled today to finish sewing the binding on a quilt that has been on the go for about ten years, well maybe not ten, but at least nine years..  I kid you not.  I started these blocks while going to the Otane Patchwork group.

The block is called Windy City and a group of us did these using only two fabrics for the blocks.  The size of this quilt is a small single size.   It is incredible to think that these fabrics have not dated yet.... I  also did this block  many years ago for my husbands nephew Mike as a cot quilt. These days it sits over the back of a lounge chair in their house.

Now what am I going to do next.  Actually I have already started some stitching for another childs quilt, as well as the one for my youngest son and his wife.  Always pays to have Works in Progress.

I have been quite busy lately with making cards.  Last week a group I belong to met for Lunch at Rendevous in Palmerston North.  It was lovely to catch up with a group of like minded people.  I bought home a large collection of hand made cards.  So far all my christmas cards are handmade.

   I have also been minding my 3rd granddaughter quite a bit lately.  We have got lots of new ducklings and chickens which she enjoys going to feed.  I will post some more picture soon.

bye for now.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Little Miss Busyness

Well Annabelle is here to stay again and I don't know what I fed her yesterday but she sure is full of beans today.  I have to constantly see what she is up to.  Maybe she is trying to tell me to do the housework. I thought I did enough work yesterday.  Or perhaps it was just the fact that we were outside in the fresh air.  Today the air is just a bit too fresh, more like cold! Actually I want to sit down and do some cardmaking as I need to make a couple of cards, but I don't know if I will get a chance.  At least not until shes asleep and I will probably be tired then too.

She decided to set herself up in my scrapbooking room earlier.  She loves her doondas (granddads) photos from his 60th birthday earlier in the year.  She found some photos of these with all the family in it. Maybe she will be a scrapbooker too.  Happy days....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

threads of my life

Well I have not blogged for a while.  It is so nice to see some fine weather at long last. 
I have been doing a variety of activities.  That is probably my biggest problem. I like so many things.

I finished my quilt wallhanging for my gd and am now working on an applique one for my son and daughter in law.  However that will have to go on hold for a while as I managed to crush my index finger in the wood splitter the other day.  I don't think a needle will be going near my finger for a while.  It is hard enough trying not to bump it.

One of my other interests is scrapbooking and I recently attended a class with Trina Mcclune held at Wanganui.  We started four pages and so far I have completed three layouts.  


This weekend I am off to a card group that I belong to.  I get so inspired by seeing other peoples work.  There are so many talented people around. 

My grandchildren also play a pretty important part in my life and I had my two year old granddaughter to stay for a week.  She is soo helpful it is such fun.

well that is all for today. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

All has been revealed

I finally had lunch with my friend Kath this week.  We haven'ticaught up with each other for a while so it was really nice.  Especially as I had a special present for her.  I have been making a wall hanging for her as a house warming present for her new house.  It is a bit late, lol, but good things take time.

She was thrilled and I can't wait to see it hanging in her new house.  I used the same pattern as the one I am doing for my granddaughter.  Only the sleeve to hang it and a label and that too will be finished.  My next project is another one that I have done previously.  I have decided to make an animal quilt.  The animals are stitched with embroidery threads with pieces of material patches sewn on them.  I am really enjoying sewing. Thats all for today.  I will post more soon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well it has been a while since I posted and this was remarked upon recently.  What have I been busy at?  Well I have been getting into my stitching quite a bit. A group of friends have been getting together for the last three weeks to have a stitch along.  We have all been pleased with our progress. I have nearly finished a wallhanging for my grand daughter.

 It has been in the making for quite a while although not as long as another one that has seen the light of day too. I enjoyed making this wallhanging so much that I decided to do another one.  It is so nice doing some embroidery in with quilting.  I will definitely have to do some more. 

 Another project I have been working on lately is some knitting.  I have got another grandchild due next month, so I thought I had better get some knitting done.  I have had a lot of joy knitting this.  Just have to stitch the edging on it and then it is finished. Then I will have to find something else to work on, lol.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The memories we share

Well I can hardly believe I have been away for 12 days.  The time has gone fast and I have to admit I have enjoyed catching up with my neice.  Getting to know her family who I have only seen fleetingly in the last few years is nice too.  Yesterday we went into the heart of the city to a picnic to celebrate Australian Day.  It was a lovely day to wander around and see the many things on offer.  My great neices took part in quite a few of the activities on offer.  And we all had a lovely bbq lunch provided by the RACV. 

My neice has taken me shopping quite a bit and is making the most of the opportunity to show me the places that I will enjoy visiting, lol.  As I am into scrapbooking, that is top of the list of shops to visit, but I also like quilting and cross stitch and looking at $2 shops, so there is plenty to see. A neighbour has also taken me out and about  while the my neice and her husband work and recently we went to the beach.  (don't ask me where okay.)  The kids really enjoyed this.  As did the adults, lol. 

Well thats all for now.  Hope you are enjoying lifes moment.  Take pleasure in the little things in life.  They soon mount up into bigger things.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My horoscope recently has been saying all sorts of interesting things, making me think this year could be full of adventure.
Now the year has bought its first challenge.  I have had a proposition made to me to go to the aid of my neice in Melbourne and look after her kids.  Was I up for this challenge?  Well after much deliberating I decided to go for it.  My hesitation was not about the job or flying on my own but about whether I would cope physically and mentally. I feel honoured to be asked and know that this can truly be called an adventure.  It will be the first time I have travelled overseas on my own.  (It is also the longest my husband and I have ever been apart too). And to top it off I have never been to Melbourne  Yeah.  So in a few days time I head off.  To keep me sane I need to have some craft things to do so I am packing plenty.   I wonder how many will get done.
Catch up with you again soon.