Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My horoscope recently has been saying all sorts of interesting things, making me think this year could be full of adventure.
Now the year has bought its first challenge.  I have had a proposition made to me to go to the aid of my neice in Melbourne and look after her kids.  Was I up for this challenge?  Well after much deliberating I decided to go for it.  My hesitation was not about the job or flying on my own but about whether I would cope physically and mentally. I feel honoured to be asked and know that this can truly be called an adventure.  It will be the first time I have travelled overseas on my own.  (It is also the longest my husband and I have ever been apart too). And to top it off I have never been to Melbourne  Yeah.  So in a few days time I head off.  To keep me sane I need to have some craft things to do so I am packing plenty.   I wonder how many will get done.
Catch up with you again soon. 

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