Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The memories we share

Well I can hardly believe I have been away for 12 days.  The time has gone fast and I have to admit I have enjoyed catching up with my neice.  Getting to know her family who I have only seen fleetingly in the last few years is nice too.  Yesterday we went into the heart of the city to a picnic to celebrate Australian Day.  It was a lovely day to wander around and see the many things on offer.  My great neices took part in quite a few of the activities on offer.  And we all had a lovely bbq lunch provided by the RACV. 

My neice has taken me shopping quite a bit and is making the most of the opportunity to show me the places that I will enjoy visiting, lol.  As I am into scrapbooking, that is top of the list of shops to visit, but I also like quilting and cross stitch and looking at $2 shops, so there is plenty to see. A neighbour has also taken me out and about  while the my neice and her husband work and recently we went to the beach.  (don't ask me where okay.)  The kids really enjoyed this.  As did the adults, lol. 

Well thats all for now.  Hope you are enjoying lifes moment.  Take pleasure in the little things in life.  They soon mount up into bigger things.

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  1. Glad you had a lovely time on your trip away. Looking forward to getting together for a crafting session one day.