Thursday, May 26, 2011

All has been revealed

I finally had lunch with my friend Kath this week.  We haven'ticaught up with each other for a while so it was really nice.  Especially as I had a special present for her.  I have been making a wall hanging for her as a house warming present for her new house.  It is a bit late, lol, but good things take time.

She was thrilled and I can't wait to see it hanging in her new house.  I used the same pattern as the one I am doing for my granddaughter.  Only the sleeve to hang it and a label and that too will be finished.  My next project is another one that I have done previously.  I have decided to make an animal quilt.  The animals are stitched with embroidery threads with pieces of material patches sewn on them.  I am really enjoying sewing. Thats all for today.  I will post more soon.

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  1. Its lovely, I am sure your friend will have it hanging up in now time.. Love the little bears a huge favourite of mine :))