Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In my basket

A few weeks ago my husband took me out on the farm to see what he had found among the bullrushes. Needless to say we came back home with two stray kittens, that had obvioulsy been dumped on the roadside and had wandered into the middle of the farm. 
They were barely six weeks old but are growing quite quickly with love and care. They are getting to be little ratbags now. I have named them gypsy and wanda. Last night I went to put them outside and found them happily ensconced in among my scrapbooking basket. I think they may have been saying what's up mum? I am a lover of cats and have always had them in my life. Although I was not looking to add to the three I already had, it is not easy to find homes for them at the moment, and I am trying really hard, lol. On monday my day off from work, they did not greet me at the back door and I have to say I was getting really worried about them, but they had obviously gone outside exploring and returned at lunch time when their playmate, Our fox terrior pup Amba, turned up. Needless to say they were very hungry kitties. don't you just love them.

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  1. those kitties are too cute Wendy, and the puppy too of course :)