Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shakin.............not stirred

Well the day started up a very cool one with a good frost on the car that needed to be washed off before I headed to town.  I headed off on my 43 km journey to work and a few blocks from work I (literally) banged into another vehicle that had stopped to turn into another street.  Luckily no one was seriously hurt, but bruising and whiplash are not to be sneezed at. Everyone involved was really nice and after the initial shock the other driver was very nice.  She had two children in her car and one suffered whiplash. I have since heard from her and they are doing okay.  Truly a lovely person who went out of her way to see how I was. Needless to say my pride has been dented a bit.  the afternoon has been a quiet one spent with a cold pack on my chest to help bring out the bruising.  It was a horrible feeling hitting a car that contained kids and even if they weren't in it I am sure I would have still have felt just the same.  And as for getting into another vehicle.  Well that was quite scary.  Luckily we have a second vehicle that I will be able to use for work.   I hope this never happens to me again.  With the mileage I travel frequently, I can only marvel that I have been soo lucky.  Definitely time to say thanks.  I am alive shaken, but well.

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