Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Love Wednesdays

Cos thats the day the cleaner comes. I get out of bed and race around putting away all those things I have taken out over the week, and never returned to their usual place. (I think I will come back as a man in my next life, he,he.) On my way home from work I visit the cleaner to pay her for her work, and catch up over a coffee. Then I venture home to a house that looks lovely and clean and tidy.
If only I could bottle this up - I am sure it would sell well. lol. Why oh why can't it stay this way all the time. Probably because I am a crafty person (and messy). I enjoy creating and sharing those creations with others. Nothing gives me as much pleasure as the appreciation of my craft. I also like to inspire others with the joy of craft. No wonder I work in a job where I can share my craft ideas with others less fortunate than most. I am also into collecting all bits of bric a brac and enjoy looking at opportunity shops where I collect all sorts of bits and pieces for whomever I think will appreciate it. Lucky them I can hear you say, but I do think they appreciate me sometimes. Unfortunately living in a large house with no children at home has its bad points. There is too much space to put these collections. I think it is about time for me to clear some of this stuff out.
Anyway enough about me. Tune in again soon for more about me and my exploits.

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  1. Lovely Wendy, great photos of the girls too. Welcome to blogland!